Altogether now

Graphic courtesy of the Hoydens

It’s not sex, it’s rape.

The headline from the Adelaide Advertiser: Adelaide HIV carrier ‘had sex with two children’

The ABC headlines the story slightly differently: ‘HIV positive’ man charged over child sex acts

I know – they can’t call it rape for legal reasons, but even so, I’m reading a slight change in the wind in those two headlines. The Advertiser headline has quote marks around ‘had sex with two children’ but there’s nothing to indicate that they are quoting anyone. So is this an indicator that they are trying to say that the act amounts to rape (remember, sex without consent is rape, and by definition, children can’t consent to sex) without actually using the “R” word? The ABC’s headline is a step better again – they still don’t call it rape, but it’s “child sex acts.”

Maybe, just maybe, the on-going effort from feminists, and feminist bloggers, to call out each and every instance of the media calling rape “sex” is starting to have an effect.

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One comment on “Altogether now

  1. stef says:

    even sticking the word ‘alleged’ in front of the R word makes the world of difference to how an issue is framed.

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