Annual party food post

The Misses Seven are about to become the Misses Eight. We had a birthday party for them today, at home. Miss Ten organised the games, with help from a friend, I cooked the food, and Mr Strange Land and I served it together.

For the main part of the meal, we had:

Chicken nibbles – chicken wings marinaded in honey, olive oil and soy sauce, and baked in the oven.

Sausie rolls, cut into small slices. As usual, we put a small serving of tomato sauce on each guest’s plate, contained in a cup cake case.

Fairy bread, cut into star shapes. You get extra merit points if you use a special shape.

Cucumber and lettuce sammies. This had been billed as an afternoon tea party, so I thought that cucumber sandwiches would be fun. I made them with mayonnaise rather than butter, which gives a lighter flavour. As predicted, most of the children bypassed them, but at least I tried to serve some healthy food.

And then for dessert, we had:

Traffic light jellies. This year I tried adding jelly beans, but it wasn’t all that successful. The sugary coating melted off, leaving little rubbery lumps in the jelly. But the children still ate them. This was the point where I realised that the nagging thought that I had forgotten something was correct; I had forgotten to get extra teaspoons. Bother.

Meringues. Not as good as the ones I made last year, but not too bad either. And the children ate them quite happily.

Fruit and lolly kebabs. Strawberries are in season in Queensland, so although these ones have travelled quite some distance, they are not hydroponic nasties. And they were on special in our local supermarket. In New Zealand my practice was to use mini-chocolate fish, but I have not been able to find them in Adelaide. I have been able to find full-sized chocolate fish, but they’re a bit much on top of all the other sweet things.

Lolly cake! This is an addition to my party food repertoire this year. It’s a New Zealand classic – fruit foam lollies mixed into crushed malt biscuits, melted butter and sweetened condensed milk, then rolled in dessicated coconut and chilled. It is outrageously sweet. I couldn’t find fruit foam lollies in our supermarket, so I used marshmallows instead.


And of course, the birthday cakes. The girls both asked for my utterly reliable yoghurt chocolate cake, decorated with Smarties / Pebbles / M&M / candy coated chocolate buttons. They made up the designs themselves, but I did the decorating while they decorated and assembled the party bags.

It was a very successful party.

And if it’s time for the annual party food post, then that means I’ve just gone past my blogging anniversary. Two years and counting. My initial thought was that I might blog for a year or so, but I rather enjoy it, so I shall be continuing. For an unspecified time longer.

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8 comments on “Annual party food post

  1. littlegemsession says:

    Most excellent!

  2. homepaddock says:


    And happy blog birthday too.

  3. exexpat says:

    How lovely! Your birthday food as always looks so wonderful.

  4. Paul Williams says:

    An impressive lineup of items. I’m curious, how long did this feast take to prepare? Your efforts eclipse mine/ours… I particularly love the jellies and the fairy bread (a regular at our parties which will now be improved by being shaped as you’ve suggested).

  5. donnasoowho says:

    Little bullets of fat! I always think of you when i eat a sausage roll (which is actually quite often). Love the your sammies plate too 😉

  6. Deborah says:

    Bear in mind that I have done this quite a few times already. I estimate that I have prepared about 10 birthday party feasts now, some for the Misses Seven, and some for Miss Ten. We’ve only had two parties at outside venues, and at one of those, we brought our own food anyway. That was this party.

    The saussie rolls were easy – take them out of the packet and into the oven for 30 minutes. They were the only pre-prepared item I bought. 5 minutes prep time.

    Chicken nibbles – five minutes making the honey/soy/olive oil marinade, and then I just left them on the bench until I was ready to cook them. 10 minutes.

    Sammies and fairy bread – maybe 20 minutes.

    Jellies – each stage only takes a few minutes, but you need to do it over a couple of days. I put the last layer in on the morning of the party. 20 minutes.

    Meringues – maybe 25 minutes including the time in the mixer, but I made a layer of jelly at the same time.

    Cakes – about 20 minutes to get them into the oven, and then another 20 minutes to ice and decorate them. I made a double batch, so although the icing took twice as long, actually making two cakes didn’t take any longer than it would for one cake.

    The fruit and lolly kebabs are a little time consuming. They need to be made on the day, and only a little ahead of time, or the marshmallows get very soggy. 30 minutes.

    Lolly cake – another make-ahead item. 20 minutes, tops.

    So I estimate about 2 and a 1/2 hours food prep time, but that was spaced out over a couple of days. We used paper plates and glasses, and lots of paper napkins (we embrace the throwaway society at our girls’ birthday parties), so set up and cleaning up was very easy.

    It’s a matter of planning and timing. And it’s a lot easier when your children are a bit older, as mine are, so I don’t need to supervise them closely ALL THE TIME.

  7. Helen says:

    Happy birthday Strangelet, and I’m glad you will keep blogging in the foreseeable future!

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