Butterfly cakes

cupcakeI like cupcakes, but I’m not so keen on the ones that are commercially available these days. The great mounds of over-produced icing on top look like nothing so much as a mouthful of glug. Not at all appetising. But I do love butterfly cakes.

They are ridiculously easy to make. Use any plain, basic cupcake recipe – I used the one in Ladies A Plate. It’s similar to the classic cupcake recipe from taste.com.au. Incidentally, the cupcakes on the taste.com.au site actually look edible. Once you have a batch of cupcakes, instead of icing them, cut a small round out of the top of each cake, and set the cut out bit aside (preferably somewhere close by). Put about 1/2 teaspoon of red jam in the middle of each hollow (raspberry and strawberry are good), and then a good sized teaspoon of whipped cream on top of the jam. Take one cut out round and cut it in half, then stick the halves into the cream, skinny side first, so that they look like butterfly wings. If you are feeling particularly indulgent, add a few decorative sprinkles on top.

That’s all. The cream doesn’t keep well, so you need to eat the cakes more-or-less straight away. They are light and delicious, and very pretty.

Here is the flock that the strangelings and I took over to our friends’ house for afternoon tea today.


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5 comments on “Butterfly cakes

  1. walkerroute says:

    I am so pleased you referred to a subset of Cup Cake I was worried by the heading that you were about to make a cake out of Insects., Carrot Cake has Carrots, Date Scones have Dates, etc etc.

  2. Ah, I adore butterfly cakes! Alex and I often bake together as a semi-romantic stay-at-home activity (we make fantastic cheesecake) and we’ve made butterfly cakes dozens of times.

    I quite like Taste.com.au, I have a membership there and generally review any of the recipes that we try out.

  3. Mikhela says:

    Louise wooed me, most effectively, with butterfly cakes. Still very fond – of both the cakes and her.

  4. blue milk says:

    O yes I love butterfly cakes.

  5. M-H says:

    I agree with you about the cupcakes, and I love butterfly cakes too. But I do think these are cute.

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