How to make a woman feel homesick

Send her photos of home, of course.

My parents went out to their country block over the weekend, and spring is in full swing. Dad sent me some photos this evening, and oh, I so wanted to be there.

daffslambmedhigher quality image on flickr

There’s a clump of daffodils that appears every spring, on the site of an old house. The family who squatted there were desperately poor, and hard driven, but somehow, the mother found time to plant daffodils, and they bloom there still.

clematismedhigher quality image on flickr

Clematis paniculata, one of the clematis species native to New Zealand. Its starry blooms can be spotted high up in the bush. My family listens for the first shining cuckoo each year, and looks for the sprays of clematis. Pipiwharauroa hasn’t been heard yet this year, but the clematis is shining in the trees.


2 comments on “How to make a woman feel homesick

  1. Southernrata says:

    You can smell the air though these photos, can’t you?

    As a complete irrelevancy, that’s one cute lamb!

  2. lmrb says:

    Lovely. I long for the sight of tussock up Central, and the smell of wild thyme.

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