Snippet 1
My dad sent me a link to a radio program on pay equity (first link on this page), also linked from The Hand Mirror. Thank you, Father Strange Land.

Snippet 2
On Monday, local paper The Advertiser ran a story about diet pills creating cardiac risks, right above an invitation to join the 10-tonne challenge. All the usual imagery and tropes apply.


You will notice it is just women who bear the risk, according to the ’tiser, though the press release about the study made no such comment, and the research paper doesn’t single out women either. In fact the research paper only mentions women, and men, in the context of stating how many women and men use diet pills.


PDF of study – 346 KB


Snippet 3
I have finished all my marking, for the time being.

Snippet 4
Our dishwasher has broken down, irreparably. We have been dishwasherless for about a week now, and this sad state of affairs is set to continue until Saturday. The experience has reminded us that dishwashers are indeed labour-saving devices.


4 comments on “Snippets

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for the linky lovin’

    Didn’t you know only teh laydeez can be fatteez! I roll my eyes in their general direction.

    Also: we were without a dishwasher for several months after terminal failure and I will never ever take that miracle of modern science for granted again.

  2. Daleaway says:

    The problem will be the bitter orange. People are usually aware that grapefruit can multiply the effects of some medications, but they are not aware that bitter orange does the same thing.

    Bitter orange extract is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and for people with hypertension, circulatory problems, heart disease or a history of heart attacks, and diabetes, among other conditions.

    If you gobble diet pills without noting their contents, you could indeed be putting your health at risk.

  3. Julie says:

    Wow thanks for that Daleaway, no one ever said anything about bitter orange to me when I was pregnant – would it be in those dark choc and orange bars? Cos I love those

  4. Daleaway says:

    Julie, I am not sure which bars you mean but the Seville oranges are the problem ones – the bitter oranges that make such beautiful marmalade. Maybe the contents list on your choc bar says whether the oranges are Seville or not. Anyway go easy with marmalade if you have any of the conditions I mentioned, unless you know it is has been made without grapefruit or Seville oranges.

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