Just so we know what to think

news.com.au is carrying a story about research on sediment cores from a small Arctic lake. The research is peer reviewed, and seems to offer some fairly compelling evidence in support of the anthropogenic global warming thesis. (I’m being cautious with my language here, because I am not a scientist.)

But it seems that news.com.au can’t just offer the story, and leave its readers to think about its significance. For them, it’s not proof, but ‘proof’. [link]


Too much Fox in the air at news.com.au?


3 comments on “Just so we know what to think

  1. TimT says:


    Actually I think this is a pretty canny strategy – it allows them to have it both ways, and put up a headline that will appeal to both the sceptics and proponents of global warming.

  2. Rachel says:

    Working for a news organisation myself, it seems to be a bit of a tic that subs use in headlines. It always looks a bit weird to me, but in this case it’s particularly awful.

  3. newswithnipples says:

    News.com.au has a massive following of climate change deniers. Always seems strange – and frustrating – to me that Australia is still having this debate while the rest of the world gets on with it.

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