A little piece of brilliance from Tom Scott

A little piece of brilliance from Tom Scott.


Description of image: A signwriter is painting a sign. “Hi there fearful, reactionary, sexist, homophobic Anglicans. Boy do I have a religion for you!” Pope Benedict is looking at it, saying, “I don’t care if it’s essentially what I said. Reword it…”

H/T: The Hand Mirror. Also my uncle.


2 comments on “A little piece of brilliance from Tom Scott

  1. Anthony says:

    Ha de ha!

    I get the joke, and to some extent the reports in the newspapers suggest this is entirely the gist of things.

    There’s a slight dissonance for me because as a young thing I fell in with some Anglo-Catholics (this is 25 years ago) whose liturgy felt familiar but slightly more exalted (I was a Roman Catholic bought up in a suburban barn of a church) but who were also deeply committed to social justice issues and the ordination of women. And an unspecified number were gay and finding some sort of spiritual haven with said group. Through them I also encountered some Anglo Catholics who did seem deeply misogynist and implacably opposed to the ordination of women – but I wouldn’t call this latter group of men homophobic, given some were openly homosexual.

    Which groups actually find their way to Rome will be interesting, but I suspect Rome is making an overture to a particular brand of Anglo Catholics, not to Anglo Catholics per se.

  2. I was for many years, a Low Church Episcopalian, but always sceptical of the existence of God, and actually disliking Jesus, who seemed to me one of the most repellent characters in fiction (Murdstone is another) because of his sanctimoniousness and irrationality, e.g. cursing a tree for not bearing fruit out of season.
    I moreover find repugnant any idea of self-sacrifice, which must surely be abhorrent to the developed mind.

    For all this, I enjoyed the Church for its ritual, music and – depending on where one worshipped – its architecture. (I do think this is the view of most English people, and a great many Americans.) I also made a number of quite intelligent friends through the Church.

    I do think Roman Catholicism absurd in too many ways to be encompassed in this letter, and I think it must be obvious to even the meanest intelligence, that the papacy is a usurpation of the role of the Holy Ghost.

    I left the Church years ago, as it gave me nothing I could not have found elsewhere. The new rite I found disgusting, and a pathetic attempt to draw in people of no intellectual worth – people who had no conception of themselves except as lower animals, and whom the Church could have never elevated to the sensitivity of a lavatory seat.

    Even to an outsider of reasonable intelligence, it must be clear that the ordination of women is unscriptural – and therefore blasphemous. Equally, it is not for the Church to enmesh itself in politics – whether of the right or left.

    Truly, religion is nothing more than a branch of anthropology.

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