That was disappointing

Sign saying Trick or treaterers wearing costumes welcome here!!! topped with a redback cardboard spider

Despite the sign prepared by Miss Eleven, and the magnificent scary spider contributed by the younger Miss Eight, not a single trick or treater came to our front door last night. We know that there were trick or treaters about in the neighbourhood; the Misses Eight went to a party a couple of streets over, and come home with a magnificent sugar high haul, but evidently our street just wasn’t sufficiently inviting. Perhaps it has a reputation for being inhabited by curmudgeons.

Oh well. We’ll just have to eat the butterscotch sweets ourselves.


7 comments on “That was disappointing

  1. Chally says:

    Oh, how sad. Beautiful spider though!

  2. stef says:

    We had some visit our place… though the early release of fireworks may have perhaps drew attention to us.

  3. innercitygarden says:

    My primary school aged relatives went trick or treating but only at pre-arranged houses (ie. people who were in on it and had lollies). Trick or treating just isn’t that common here, although a lot more common than it used to be, so having a plan is essential to avoid tears.

    We got one trick or treater, small town style, a kid with eyepatch and homemade wooden gun arrived on the doorstep. I laughed and said we didn’t have any lollies, and he laughed and said “Neither do we”. So I didn’t reward his efforts, but I am cheered to live in a place where kids of nine or ten can knock on doors of strangers unaccompanied.

  4. Paul says:

    Disapointing ?? It’s apalling that you are actively supporting christian superstitions as perverted by american marketers. None came to our door and if they did they would have been asked what halloween was all about then be tested on their trick before being sent away empty handed.

    Curmudgeonism is alive and well in Kapiti !!!

    Cool spider though.

  5. violet says:

    You probably just scared ’em off with that creepy spider on the door.

  6. Carol Stewart says:

    Paul, I thought the origins of Halloween were Celtic rather than Christian. I rather like the anarchic feel of it.
    I made some last minute spooky cupcakes (orange with black spiders), then we dispensed them to the neighbourhood. Kind of reverse trick or treating. And today I got the following note in my letterbox: “Thank you for giving us some cup cakes. It was the best cup cake I’v ever had. From KYNAN”.
    I think Kynan and I are going to be friends…

  7. blue milk says:

    Ooh, and such a welcoming spider too. Not fair.

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