My local federal MP wrote to me this morning. I guess there must be an election looming.

I’m in Sturt, which is held for the Liberals by Chris Pyne. But either Pyne is out of touch, or he doesn’t know how to act quickly, or his campaign is broke, so he can’t afford to throw away material he has already printed when it is overtaken by events.

Take a look at these bits of bumpf.

Not one mention of Julia Gillard in Pyne’s letter about the proposed excess-profits tax on mining companies. Instead it’s all “Kevin Rudd” and “the Rudd government” and “Mr Rudd”.

More than that, Gillard has stolen Pyne’s thunder on this one. Within hours of taking office, she had negotiated a truce with the mining industry, and started talking with them. Pyne’s letter is now just another item for the recycling bin.

Get up to speed, chaps!


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