Star the twenty-eighth

I’m creating a virtual star chart, to record my progress in Dry July. The star for making it through Wednesday 28 July without touching the demon drink is Star Wars.

Not the wretched ‘sequel’ movies that came out around the turn of the century, nor the sappy The Return of the Jedi, nor even the rather more interesting The Empire Strikes Back. The movie I loved was the very first Star Wars movie, plain Star Wars, long before it got its subtitle: A New Hope. It was magnificent. The very first scene created a sense of awe and shock and wonder for me, as the huge Empire battleship rumbled over my head. Then there was the fabulously imaginative bar scene, and the subversion of the “cute lil folks” trope: those desert dwellers were frightening people. As was Darth Vader: I had nightmares about him for months. George Lucas’ first Star Wars movie was a marvel, far surpassing the gadgetry of recent 3D movies.

It doesn’t however, pass the Bechdel test. No movie in the Star Wars franchise does. Clearly, that would have taken just too much imagination.


3 comments on “Star the twenty-eighth

  1. Pavlov's Cat says:

    Nearly there!

    Have you gone out and bought a Special Bottle for August 1 yet?

  2. Katherine says:

    Why the HELL does that page for the bechdel test hate me? I can’t read most of the stuff on the page because they have a gigantic warning that OHNOES I’m using IE6. I’m browsing at work during my lunch break: I can’t download a different browser, and I can’t close the popup!

  3. stargazer says:

    i totally love the original 3 star wars films as well, the first one the most. i still remember the first time i saw it back in 1978? or 79? and i can watch it any number of times without getting the slightest bit bored. as for darth vader, well i remember introducing my kids to the film when it was on tv one night (as in “you guys just have to watch this, it’s great!). my youngest must have been around 3, and half way through the film she points to darth vader and says “that’s me! i’m him!”. and wouldn’t you know it, we had darth vader impersonations around our house for the next week. having a 3 year old that identified with darth vader? now that was scary.

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