It never rains but…

… it pours!

The long term average rainfall for December in Adelaide is just over 28mm. Today we have gotten nearly twice that (so far), with most of it falling in just one hour. Here’s part of the record from the Kent Town observation station (for non-Adelaide people, that’s just outside the CBD).

Weather observations chart.  Various columns: time at extreme left, cumulative rainfall at extreme right.

Extract from weather chart

(Description: Weather observations chart. Various columns: time at extreme left, cumulative rainfall at extreme right.)

There’s a special story in this rainfall record. Time is on the extreme left, and rainfall on the extreme right. Up until 3pm today, there had been no rain. By 3.30pm, 27mm had fallen, and by 3.59pm, we were up to 42mm of rain.

Exactly when all the children were getting out of school. Yes, this *has* happened before.


5 comments on “It never rains but…

  1. ThirdCat says:

    When we were living in Auckland there was a ‘drought’ (despite what seemed to us Australians to be a seemingly incessant presence of rain), and then one afternoon after an almighty downpour, the drought was declared over. Me and the mister could not help muttering for about six months afterwards, ‘That’s not a drought…’

  2. Stef says:

    That must have been almost monsoonal.

    • Deborah says:

      It has been very sticky here for the last few days, which is very unusual. I’ve been all-of-a-glowing like a pig. The rain was very refreshing, but the sticky is creeping back now.

  3. stargazer says:

    oh please, send some of that rain our way. there’s already talk of drought, and the grass is looking really brown. we haven’t had decent rain here for weeks & predictions are that there won’t be much over the next couple of months. (just the sort of thing thirdcat was talking about). still, it would be nice not to have it all at once like you did!

    if i was the minister for weather, i would make sure that we had nice steady rainfall from 1am to 5am every day, and the rest of the 24 hour period would have no rain. daytime would be sunny, with enough cloud to ensure periods of shade. yes, it would be monotonous, but definitely much more pleasant.

  4. violet says:

    I would definitely vote Stargarzer for Minister of Rainfall.

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