It’s quiet around here

It’s far too quiet around here. I blame Telecom, and their complete failure to deliver broadband, coupled with a litany of lies and broken promises from their un-help call centre.

We still don’t have the internet at home, and I don’t want to blog from work. That would be… wrong. With a bit of luck, we be connected again sometime this week, with someone other than Telecom.

Aside from that, it has been a big week. On Saturday, we moved into our rental house (pictures of the big garden to come). On Monday, the girls started at their new school, where all is going very well, and I auditioned for a choir. This was the first time I had ever sung for someone who was previously completely unknown to me, and who was making a critical assessment of my voice. I was very nervous. But all went well, and I have been accepted into the choir. On Tuesday we started our new jobs, on Wednesday the cat arrived from Adelaide, on Thursday the last of our stuff arrived after passing the Ministry of Ag and Fish inspections at the border, and on Friday, we collapsed in little quivering heaps. I don’t want to move ever again.

I’ll be back when we get connected. Ka kite ano.

Update: We haz internet!


7 comments on “It’s quiet around here

  1. demelza says:

    we miss you, if you need internet you are welcome to come use mine so you can blog, and facebook and anything else….

  2. mimbles says:

    Yay for choir, things going well at the new school and the arrival of stuff! Boo hiss big time for Telecom.

  3. WittyKnitter says:

    Glad things are settling down for you. Enjoy the peace until your next move… ::sorry…::

  4. We missed your friday feminists!

  5. violet says:

    Sounds like you’ve settled in nicely, apart from the Telecom troubles.

  6. donnasoowho says:

    Hi Deborah – when you get reconnected send me an email (or look me up on Facebook). Donna!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Welcome to your new home! Everything looks fantastic (I read your other post after this first). I’m glad everyone is settling in. 🙂

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