Bloke-ing up

Our esteemed leader, John Key, and our dearly loved Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff, have both seen fit, despite being happily married men, to opine on who they find hot, amongst the current list of celebs. It seems that Liz Hurley is at the top of both their lists.

It makes me feel ill. Middle-aged men, scratching their balls and easing their pants, and rating beautiful women – “hyuk hyuk hyuk”.

My sisters-in-blogging have covered the ground (Maia at The Hand Mirror, the Queen of Thorns, Steph of Lady News). Off-blog, a friend has contacted me with these comments.

The hypocrisy is writ large when Shane Jones gets front page headlines and nicknames from the screaming media for his indiscretions, and the women in his life find themselves on the front pages. Then Key does a double-sleaze – blokes up with Veitch to discuss “babes”. And it doesn’t hit the front pages of NZH or Stuff until someone asks Goff – today. And he adds a “me-too”

Prediction: Goff will never be PM.

Key’s outburst must have lost a lot of support in the Nats focus groups amongst women, and the “patsy” to Goff did the trick for them – “see, he’s just as bad” – he provided his own false equivalence. What has happened to the lazy media in this country – who questioned Goff? Whose bylines are here? (and who put them up to it?). Goff just doesn’t know how the media work, no matter what other experience his political career has provided him. RWC will “bloke-up” the PM in time for November; heaven help us if Goff thinks he has to “bloke-up” too. What sort of parallel universe is this? Why are we back in the unenlightened times when only property-owning males ruled the earth? (This is George W. versus John Kerry all over again…)

Bloke-ing up.

As my friend says, we are seeing it now, and I predict that it will only get worse before the election on November 26. I wonder if Key and Goff and their minders will ever get around to remembering that women vote too.


15 comments on “Bloke-ing up

  1. demelza says:

    its so embarrassing.. and then for the PM to be modeling and start doing the whole look at me walk eww.. just makes me fell ill… its so wrong.

    I vote too and am loyal to one party but sometimes I truelly wonder why.

  2. Carol says:

    I’m glad you mentioned this, Deborah. It made me feel ill too.
    The only politician who actually called these bozos to account over their totally inappropriate and alienating behaviour was Sue Kedgley, of the Greens, and good for her.
    It’s deeply depressing that the Labour Party was so spineless on this issue. They should have been in crucifixion mode, metaphorically speaking of course.

  3. Stef says:

    it was just a bit of fun/you are just jealous/you are probably ugly/we were just being men/can’t you take a joke…. BINGO!

    • Is it just a bit of fun?! The statement ‘we were just being men’ says so much. You are just being a man? Is that seriously how you want all women to see all men? Women and girls are so much more than that, its completely absurd to say otherwise. What part of this is funny? Since when is it a joke? I’m not laughing, and I know that any woman that has been subject to this kind of abuse isn’t laughing either.These men are supposed to be role models, and they are supposed to run a country. This is definitely not included in their job description. And what’s with the ‘bingo’ at the end?

    • Deborah says:

      Welcome, lessonstobelearned462! I think Stef is being sarcastic. In fact, I know she is. She is listing the sorts of responses people have made to the issue, even though she doesn’t agree with them herself, at all.

      “Bingo” refers to anti-feminist bingo, which is an idea that has been circulating around feminist blogs for a few years now. The idea is the whenever a woman makes a feminist statement, you can just about guarantee that some doof will make a statement like the ones that Stef has listed, and pretty soon, you will complete a bingo card. The original feminist bingo card is here: Anti-feminist bingo! A master class in sexual entitlement.

  4. david winter says:

    I wonder if Key and Goff and their minders will ever get around to remembering that women vote too.

    … and plenty of blokes (well, I’m not the blokiest bloke, but still…) think having the PM go on a national radio show and present his TODO list is pretty awful and can’t quite get over the opposition decided to endorse his selections.

    Between the fascination with Goff’s hair and this episode I think I’m already over this election, 10 months before it actually happens.

  5. Carol says:

    LTBL462 – can we call you this? 🙂
    There’s also a version known as Global Warming Sceptic Bingo.

  6. Stef says:

    You snapped me for being a bit lazy with my commenting, Deborah is right I was being and sarcastic using feminist bingo. See if you can get a bingo here

    Ps. I love your blog. My favourite gilmore girls episode is Friday Night is a great night for fighting 🙂

  7. Well, that’s embarrassing. I’m sorry, I am very opinionated, sometimes it comes in handy, mostly it’s a curse. I get very angry when it comes to men and any form of sexual harassment, as do many.

    I’m really glad that you like my blog! I love that episode too! One of my favorites would have to be Raincoats and recipes.

  8. its so embarrassing.. and then for the PM to be modeling and start doing the whole look at me walk eww.

    Yeah, because that’s totally gay. #sarcasm

  9. Ms 12 says:

    Just pointing out that LTBL462 is my friend. Not to be intrusive or anything.

  10. Ms 12 says:

    Oh, and I like Gilmore girls too. My favourite episode is ‘scene in a mall’.

  11. Stef says:

    @LBT462 We all mistakes every once a while, and don’t ever apologize for having strong opinions. The world needs more opinionated women. But please keep being you, believe it or not, you have more than a few a fans!

    Oi with the poodles already….

  12. Thank you! I love that saying!

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