Hurrah! SciTechDaily is BACK!

In the days after the Christchurch earthquake, one of my favourite websites stopped. SciTechDaily was seemingly paused for ever on 22 February. After a few days, a note appeared on the site: Vicki Hyde, the editor, was well, and uninjured, but there was no electricity in her area. And then nothing, except what we heard through the news.

Until Vicki’s partner Peter wrote a magnificent piece about Shower City, and Rescue City, and Refugee City. Through that piece, I learned just how difficult things were for Vicki and her neighbours.

And today, joy of joys, at last, Vicki has been able to re-start SciTechDaily. Here’s her story of what’s been happening: After the earthquake: living in an information vacuum.

If you don’t already read SciTechDaily, then I recommend it to you wholeheartedly. It’s a portal site, where Vicki posts links to fascinating science stories. I’ve been reading it ever since it started, checking in three or four times a week to read some science, just for fun. I am curious about the world and the universe I live in, and Vicki’s work enables me to pursue that interest. Through SciTechDaily, I’ve learned about bugs and stars and ancient civilisations and genetics and chemistry and…. everything and nothing. Everything because Vicki’s interests are so wide-ranging: nothing because there is so much still to be learned.

Vicki, I’m glad you’re back in action.

The rest of you – take a look at SciTechDaily.


2 comments on “Hurrah! SciTechDaily is BACK!

  1. Carol says:

    +1 for your hurrah, Deborah. I get a lot of enjoyment out of SciTechDaily, and I’m very relieved that Vicki and family are all OK. They have done a wonderful job as their neighbourhood information hub.

  2. Vicki Hyde says:

    Gosh, thanks for the lovely write-up — my officer admin person came across it by accident, and it’s put a spring in our step today.

    Onward and upwards,
    Vicki Hyde

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