Lawn Art

I mowed the lawns today, for the benefit of our supervising neighbour.

Woman symbol mowed into a lawn, lawn mowed, symbol in relief.

Description: freshly mowed lawn, with the woman symbol in unmowed relief.

Lawn with wavy lines mowed into it.

Description: lawn with wavy lines mowed into it.

Our neighbour does not seem to be amused.

I tried various other designs, but there’s a limit to what can be achieved with the somewhat blunt cuts made by a lawn mower. My pentagram didn’t work at all. I’m thinking that crenelations might be the go next time around, on the boundary between us and our neighbours. The symbolism would be, well, symbolic.


28 comments on “Lawn Art

  1. Julie says:

    Awesomesauce. Props for such neat mowing too!

  2. Karl Crawford says:

    A pentagram would have been better!

  3. Jackie Clark says:

    May I use an expletive? That is fucking awesome! I have never, in all my years, seen a more fitting and defiant expression of womanhood. Brilliant.

  4. Now I know many people miss use the word awesome. But this, this is the true meaning of the word. I am truly in awe. Go you!

  5. robertguyton says:

    That’s pretty funny bee. I too love what can be done (or not done) with lawns. I have to choose my words carefully here though!
    My favourite/most apalling, was a ‘Brazillian’ lawn here in my hometown, where all blades were removed and gravel laid in it’s place, then plaster/concrete figurines dotted tastefully about. I meant to photograph it, but failed, and now the property has been sold and the masterpiece altered.
    My son and I mowed an acre once, into a koru/spiral, all marked out with twine and mathematically perfect. Lasted three years, with follow-up mows, until new people tired of it.
    Have you considered sneaking out during the night and planting beans throughout the sward? Really funny results, especially if you choose a meaningful pattern, such as the one in pic one.

  6. Daleaway says:

    Good for a giggle. Well done!

    Weedkiller is also good for sward messages (but of course the pen is mightier than the sward).

    And don’t neglect bulb power. Recall the story about the English family in 1945 who had a friendly and docile German prisoner of war as their gardener. He was repatriated at war’s end, and the next spring their daffodils spelled out HEIL HITLER.

    I see you have a lovely concrete wall there for a muriel. Or graffiti.

  7. M-H says:

    Wow, you can really mow. 🙂 I love this, and I hope your neighbours were suitably irritated by it. Some people need to get a life of their own and stop worrying about what other people are doing.

  8. Southernrata says:

    Love it! Reminds me of Michael Pollan’s story of his father who was nagged to keep his lawn up to neighbourhood standards defiantly mowing his initials or some such in his jungly grass.

  9. Helen says:

    Oh my… that’s… that’s… I don’t… I don’t even.

    Too much genius for me to take in.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I am in complete awe of your mad skillz with wielding a lawnmower. Clearly someone has +10 in lawnmowing in their base stats… not something I would have allocated skill points to, but clearly more useful than I thought.

    (sorry for all the DnD references)

  11. I might’ve missed a post about your neighbour but assuming s/he’s a pain, this is a brilliant response.

    • Deborah says:

      A Twitter comment, Paul. He’s prone to commenting on the state of our lawns (his are mowed to within 2 centimetres of the ground at all times), and the contents of our glass recycling bin.

    • Katherine says:

      I was going to ask too, thanks for explaining for those of us not on twitter.

  12. Carol says:

    That is a very neat bit of mowing, Deborah. Are you going to branch out into topiary too? Imagine what you could do in three dimensions!

  13. Carol says:

    PS as for that earthquake you tweeted about, you could fill in a Felt Earthquake report on Geonet and add to the data set:

  14. Boganette says:

    This makes me happy beyond belief.

  15. Jan says:

    That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time! I am in awe of your intellect and lawn mowing skills. I’ll be giggling about this for days…

  16. violet says:

    oh that’s just excellent!

  17. You should become the Michaelangelo of lawn care, LOL. No but seriously, you have some pretty NICE designs (esp. the woman symbol).

    The wave looked good, (would’ve look a bit better if you had been able to rake the leaves off of the high part, but hey, who am I to complain).


  18. AJB says:

    Ah, the oppression of suburban lawns! There is a series of biological sculptures, installations that change with the seasons.
    Debbie told me about your move and your www sites. Excellent. Very impressive.
    I am very glad you, Malcolm and children made it back to Aotearoa New Zealand. One’s heart is where the dreaming is.
    Keep up the unorthodox lawn maintenance!
    AB (Retired academic philosopher)

  19. Best way to deal with a nosy neighbour I’ve ever seen. If he doesn’t get it, he’s being really thick.

  20. Nikki says:

    hahaha Inspirational! I think even I might take up the lawnmower when we move to craft some fancy lawn art.

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