Easter entertainment

1) Ricky Gervais’ atheist Easter message. I especially like his analysis of the third commandment, which has some very strong resonances with Personal Failure’s plea to think about what you are saying. H/T @juliefairey

2) In honour of my cousin and his brother-in-law, who are off at the Great Easter Bunny Hunt (video – warning: you should not watch this video if you are fond of cuddly bunny rabbits), the most pampered bunny I know, playing the beautiful game at Ned’s place: Easter Bunny.

3) A blog I have been introduced to, written by a Belfast Irish journalist who is opinionated, entertainingly so, and living near Greenhills. His blog takes the form of letters to his friend Brian, and he talks about globalisation, and the Middle East, and economics. Letters to Brian

4) You could also check out Denny’s latest post, about her mother’s experience as a war bride: War Brides.

5) You recall the knitted royal wedding party, with the bride and groom and the Queen and the Archbish of Canterbury and various others, all created in knitting? A group of knitters at the Eastern Institute of Technology have knitted up the set, but they’ve gone one better. They’ve added the ghost of Diana, floating over the scene.

6) Shamelessly lifted from the Hoydens:

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One comment on “Easter entertainment

  1. Jackie Clark says:

    Re your first point, I think that one’s the hardest for anyone to fathom, isn’t it? Why their parent/partner/child and not someone else’s? I subscribe to the blog of the parents of a little girl who is currently in the States after having double transplant surgery, and now she has a cancer that’s related to transplants. They are very very devout Christians, so a bit of an unusual choice for me, but I sort of have become invested in this little girl. I see the struggle this child’s parents have with their faith. And much of the time it seems linked to their daughter’s survival. It’s an old, old story, isn’t it? There’s always that tension, for anyone, Christian or not, around their beliefs. Do they stack up when the chips are down? Do they still make sense when the shit hits the fan?

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