How to get votes for Labour

Brash aims for job as finance minister

Don Brash wants to be finance minister, and claims the Act Party could gain 15 per cent of the vote in this year’s election under his leadership.

“I’d love to be finance minister,” he said last night.

I’m astounded by the extent of Brash’s delusions about his, and ACT’s, levels of voter support.


8 comments on “How to get votes for Labour

  1. demelza says:

    I find him rather scary and delusional…

  2. I suspect Bill English isn’t interested in shifting offices. 🙂

  3. Craig Ranapia says:

    Well, Don does have a history of taking Bill’s jobs. But cold day in hell etc.

    And John Key rolled him, beat Helen Clark and (whether you like him or not) is still remarkably popular. Yeah, I’m really seeing the case for handing over a key portfolio to the leader of a party that’s consistently failing to out poll the margin of error.

    And you know something else about Key — I remember the pundits all rolling their eyes when he said he wouldn’t work with Winston Peters. (Something Goff has refused to do, FWIW.) I think Key’s perfectly well-aware that people will accept ACT having a place in the next government if that’s what voters want, but Finance? Hell, no.

  4. Mindy says:

    “leader of a party that’s consistently failing to out poll the margin of error”

    I just really like this. Margin of error for PM!

    No idea who Don Brash is, but may be willing to swap him for Tony Abbott. Maybe.

    • Deborah says:

      No. Believe me, you do not want to swap Brash for Abbott. I’d take misogynist conservative over a market ideologue any day, especially one who simply can’t even see that reasonable people might conceivably have different views.

  5. Denny says:

    Brash’s comment about wanting to be MoF came out AFTER John Key said he might have him in his cabinet, but definitely not in a finance or economics role … Not much else left is there for a market ideologue? Well, maybe Don thinks that if he can change Rodney’s mind so easily, John will be a pushover. Hmmm, and Brash said he’d be pushing the proposals he recommended NZ use to catch up to Oz. Wasn’t that the report that Key couldn’t flush down the loo fast enough?

  6. Raymond A Francis says:

    Quite right Deborah, he is actually quite nice in person but but not much idea about real life

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