Tax breaks for rugby bodies

The Government has confirmed special tax breaks in the Budget for the two major rugby organisations behind the Rugby World Cup.

RWC schools scheme ‘chance to inspire kids’

The Government is spending more than a quarter of a million dollars funding a Rugby World Cup programme for young school children. The educational programme, which includes an activity book with learning activities based on the tournament and an accompanying teachers’ guide, will be delivered to all primary and intermediate schools in July.

Move cuts help to anti-violence groups

Women’s refuges say some women fleeing from violence may no longer be able to get a safe bed after a surprise Government policy change chopped $700,000 off their funding.

That “stadium of four million”? I’d say it’s rapidly emptying out.

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6 comments on “Priorities

  1. robertguyton says:

    Don’t want to put a damper on party central do we?
    That would make the locals very restless.
    Rugger rugger rugger!

  2. Denny says:

    frigging rugby.
    I read this morning that the rwc is going to be run at a loss of 40million, most of which is being underwritten by the government.
    Disgusting in the context of taking money away from women’s refuge – especially disgusting when statistic show that violence against women increases during the rugby season, particularly so when NZ loses a game.

  3. Raymond A Francis says:

    I am with Mindy on this

  4. Good Gravey says:

    It escapes me how our priorities are set.

    Social welfare, victims of crime, little things like looking after people take a back seat to sport.

    And then we have the issue that 4 out of the 5 refuge centres in Christchurch (not sure if it was Women’s Refuge or Rape Crisis) were destroyed in the earthquake.

    Don’t even get me started on the bloody language people use. The TelstraClear ads for example all using sporting metaphors for the ultrafast broadband changes (and using Neil Waka). Lesson for you TC – some of us don’t give a shit about sport. How about using analogies the rest of the country can identify with.

    Sorry – reading back over this I am rambling somewhat. Hope it makes a little sense.

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