Curmudgeonly complaint round-up

What is it with fools who want to race through supermarket carparks at high speeds? For goodness sakes, there’s kids and trolleys and cars backing in and out, and you choose to indulge your middle-aged angst by going as fast as you can?!!! Get a life. Or use the street. Or something.

With respect, Mr Sarkies, Palmerston North has done no such thing, so let’s direct the provincial epithet at the place where the sign actually is going up, neh? Source: Rethink Wellywood sign – Emmy winner

Director Rob Sarkies, who made Out of the Blue and Scarfies, said the sign would be “embarrassing” and “provincial”. “It’s the sort of thing Palmerston North would do – and I have nothing against Palmerston North – but, in short, it’s provincial.”

To the young cyclist who came up alongside the left hand side of my car at a roundabout, when I was indicating left, and then went straight ahead… sweetie, please, don’t do that again. Your life is valuable, and although I managed to stop in time, it was a matter of good luck. That rule about not undertaking turning vehicles? It’s there for a reason.

For my academic friends: Pestiferous Blasted Rotten Farrago.


6 comments on “Curmudgeonly complaint round-up

  1. Sorry Deborah, I confess I found the Sarkies comment, umm, funny.

  2. Mindy says:

    Quite reasonable complaint round up I think.

  3. WittyKnitter says:

    Are those neighbour kids on your lawn again?

  4. Stef says:

    I’m not an academic but I got point 4

  5. Donna says:

    Can I add to 1. “in your Range Rover”?

  6. Gae says:

    One of the scariest things I ever saw was in a car park:

    I was cruising for an out of the way corner I knw of that offered SHADE, and was somewhat puzzled by a flicker of movement UNDER the chassis of a parked and unoccupied car.

    Slowed down, just in time to have a teenage boy shoot out head first, belly down on his skateboard.

    Whatever brains he was born with would have been smeared all over the carpark.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

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