Special snowflake bingo

Alasdair Thompson, head of the Employers and Manufacturers Association, has opined that the gender pay gap exists because women take more sick leave every month, and they have babies.

For details on the story, see Women’s sick day comments outrage. You could also check what Tallulah has to say: I’m sick of this bullshit. Period. And what anjum says: Unequal pay is ok with employers. And Stef: This is what makes periods painful. And the other Steph: It’s like Carrie’s prom in here.

I’ve created a bingo square for Alasdair, taken from some of the special things he has said today. Thank you, Alasdair, for the inspiration.

(Description: Bingo card. Text for squares at end of post)

Sources: Newstalk ZB’s interviews with Thompson, KiwiPolitico’s transcript of part of the initial interview, TV3’s full interview with Thompson. The start of the TV3 interview has some very special moments, such as:
“Don’t interrupt me, otherwise we stop the interview.”
“Do we start from the top? (Reply – sure) Jeez!”
“I’m moving it to a higher plane.”
“I’ll say what I want to say without interruption.”
“I’ve given you the privilege of having an interview.”

I think that women around the country have been alternately been feeling a sense of dread that someone representing employers would say and think such things, and rolling around the floor laughing.


Bingo squares
1st row across: My heart is pure on this matter. / The truth is the truth is the truth. / I have data … Here in my own firm. From talking to other employers. / Once a month women have sick problems. / The person who takes the telephone calls (for sick leave) knows the data.
2nd row across: Women have babies. / I’m sure there are workplaces with some degree of gender discrimination. / Men and women are different. / I’ve been taken out of context. / I’m sorry if I offended you.
3rd row across:EMA support equal pay for equal productivity. / The socialists don’t like [the facts of life]. / Facts of life / [Giving staff information] will just lead to industrial unrest. / I’m not sexist.
Middle square: Facts of life
4th row across: Women should be paid more than men where their productivity is greater. / I don’t like saying these things. / The two highest paid lawyers in my firm are women. / Lots of men are unproductive because they’re in jail. / Women take the most sick leave.
5th row across: 90% of people would agree with the guts of my statements. / Women take time off to look after sick kids. / It might be the way I said it. / We’re a member of the EEO employers…. thing. / I have people of every religion and every colour and every race working for me.


6 comments on “Special snowflake bingo

  1. homepaddock says:

    Bingo – there are some gems there that would have been right at home in the earlier days of the last century.

  2. Mahinarangi Forbes did a superb job of staying calm, and thinking on her feet. Hats off to her!

    • Deborah says:

      She was amazing! I think I would have been very frightened by someone like that standing over me, but she held it all together, and just kept on asking the questions. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Stef says:

    Well done this is awesome….

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