I wrote an article about Slutwalk which has been published in the Dominion Post this morning.

Slutwalk takes aim at rapists


4 comments on “Slutwalk

  1. Great article, Deborah. Sadly, many of the comments show that people still. just. don’t. get. it. I specially like the one that points out it was a ‘foreign’ incident that started this, and asks if it is really a problem in New Zealand. FFS!

  2. Katherine says:

    Phew, caught myself before I started reading the comments over there. Maybe I’ll make a sign saying “He stabbed her 216 times and then pled that she started it. It IS a problem over here” Too long though I think.

  3. Chally says:

    Good on you, Deborah!

  4. Julie Fairey says:

    Great stuff Deborah, you rock! I admit I do not have the spoons for those comments (and possibly never will!) Have a great time tomorrow.

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