On travelling and grandparents

Things may be even quieter around here for the next couple of weeks: we’re heading over to the UK, for a mix of work (him) and holiday (me). Because of reasons (PhD, children) I haven’t been anywhere other than Australia since 1995, so I’m very excited. I’m hoping to visit the V&A, and gardens, and cathedrals.

People have been asking who will be caring for our children and I have been replying that there are some very good catteries in town, at which point people look a little shocked, and I say that my lovely parents will be caring for them. I am very grateful to Mum and Dad.

The girls are excited for us, and very happy to have Mum and Dad here. They have a slightly magical relationship with their grandparents, who have delighted in them from before their births. My girls’ faces light up when we see their grandparents, and they love and trust them. They have a similar relationship with Mr Bee’s brother and his wife. It’s wonderful to see.

I am having conniptions about leaving my beloved daughters for two weeks. I have never done such a thing before. But I know they will be safe and happy in the care of their grandparents. And that makes all the difference.


13 comments on “On travelling and grandparents

  1. homepaddock says:

    Travel safely and have fun.

    Those of us who have parents actively and lovingly involved with our chidlren are blessed.

    So are the chlldren and their grandparents.

  2. Voyagess says:

    Of course they will be… It’s great for all of you. My sister has 3 kids and I had great fun looking after them several days. It’s beautiful to have a strong relationships within a family, isn’t it? 🙂
    Have a great trip and enjoy St James, my favourite London park!

  3. Helen says:

    You’ll have a wonderful time – and it’s so neat for your girls to have a fortnight with their grandparents. If you like historical fiction I’d put in a plug for visiting the Tower or London. It wasnt at all as I had imagined it. And it was magical to see where Henry and Eleanor of Aquitaine got it together in the days when they were still speaking to each other…

  4. Daleaway says:

    What a wonderful prospect. Bon voyage.
    But just two weeks! Where to begin?

  5. Stef says:

    Oh have fun! The girls will have a delightful time with their grandparents and your relationship will be renewed by a (relatively small absence). I suspect your postcards will return home after you!

  6. WittyKnitter says:

    Hampton Court. That’s a great day out. And shopping in the Seven Dials area – shoes, clothes. And also in Camden Passage at Angel. And Liberty…

    Have a great time1 And take lots of photos.

  7. Mindy says:

    I know a couple of went to the UK for three months and left their two children with their grandmother in Australia. Two weeks is a short break and a holiday for you all.

  8. johnsonmike says:

    I thought of you when we visited Adelaide at Queen’s Birthday weekend.

    Children are great ones for stopping travel, aren’t they? It was 12 years before I managed to see Australia again… and 20-something before getting to England (including Hampton Court Palace!) again.

    You’ll have incredible fun. I found England so much brighter sans Mrs Thatcher, even if the weather hadn’t changed….

  9. macondo mama says:

    Happy travels! It sounds absolutely heavenly for all involved. I know my kids’ grandparents would jump at the chance, and I’m just waiting for the kids to be old enough to do something like this. Still quite a while to go, though…

  10. david winter says:

    Cool, have fun!

    I’ve been listening to the BBC’s “History of the world in 100 objects” and have been increasingly wanting to go see all these items the Empire stole and put on display at the British Museum

  11. You will, of course, be visiting Edinburgh?

  12. Carol says:

    I’ve just been in the UK and it was HOT (although I came through Melbourne on the way home and the Australians were sniggering at the idea of 33C being described as a ‘heatwave’). Very nice change to the NZ winter all the same.
    Have a wonderful time and bring back lots of stories for your girls!

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