Greebly things under stones

John Ansell has been the ACT Party’s creative director, and was the mastermind behind National’s 2005 Iwi/Kiwi ads. He’s been having a field day of late, attacking “white cowards” for not standing up to the “Maorification” of New Zealand. I’m hoping that Morgan Godfrey will find some time to blog about those comments, but in the meantime, it speaks to a bizarre worldview if he thinks that the scant resources and attention devoted to Maori in this country is “Maorification”.

Ansell has resigned. But he left this comment on Kiwiblog.

DPF: “I’d be fascinated to hear why ACT is not a party for women who think like women.”

The evidence of history, David.

The women who support ACT are not squeamish about speaking bluntly about rational issues (including racial issues). I respect them very much.

In short, they’ve got guts.

More typical women are less rational and more emotional. They’d rather preserve relationships than rock the boat. Is that not true?

If it were not for the female vote, Don Brash would have become prime minister in 2005 and we’d be a much more prosperous country today.

But women, by a reasonable margin, preferred to cuddle the various minority groups and spend more of other people’s money on welfare that to take the hard economic decisions. These ‘soft mothers’ voted for short-term gain and long-term pain.

The ‘strong fathers’, also by a reasonable margin, voted for short-term pain and long-term gain. The rational (or should that be Brashional) approach.

Now of course I’ll be branded misogynist as well as racist. But again, I’m just pointing out the simple truth.

The soft mother model doesn’t seem to be universal. In Britain, women ‘got’ Margaret Thatcher’s bold approach (a woman who thought like a man if ever there was one).

But in New Zealand, when it comes to strong policies that actually allow the country to move forward, the girls let the side down. Three terms of Clarxism was not a rational answer to any rational question.

New Zealand is awash with parties that represent the female view of the world: Labour, the Greens, the latter-day Nats.

But only ACT represents rational women and rational men. The party should not be ashamed to say so. When they’re aiming for 100% and getting only 2%, niche marketing theory suggests they’d be better to go hard for the masculine 50% (men and women who think like men) and get 10%+.

I feel as if I have turned over a stone and found something slimy and revolting under it. But I guess that’s just because my feeble lady brane can’t cope with anything rational.


10 comments on “Greebly things under stones

  1. david winter says:

    I know you can only think within the constraints of your lady-brain, and are therefore reacting emotionally rather than rationally to all of this, but I really have to object to this comparison. Some really quite wonderful creatures are slimey (perhaps even greebly) and live under stones.

  2. Giovanni says:

    “Now of course I’ll be branded misogynist as well as racist. But again, I’m just pointing out the simple truth.”

    That I’m a misogynist as well as a racist.

  3. david winter says:

    (i’d forgotten that you’d left a nice comment under that post, makes the gratuitous linking look even worse!)

  4. […] Deborah ahs the answer – our feeble lady brains can’t cope with anything rational. […]

  5. robertguyton says:


    Possibly the most beautiful word in the English language.

  6. Julie Fairey says:

    IDEK. Thank you for this.

  7. Helen says:

    That’s an interesting take – the only true feminists, and/or tough women are right-wing?!

    High five to Giovanni!

  8. Argh. So…but…I don’t…words….
    The fail, it is everywhere.

  9. Good Gravey says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I’m not sure the feeling of ick will wash out.

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