A small price to pay

Regular readers may have noticed that I am not overly keen on the Rugby World Cup (one, two).

The cost of the Cup has hit home again this week, with the total misalignment of university breaks and the school holidays. The first two school terms were pushed out by a week each, meaning that the school holidays started this week, exactly when the second semester started at universities.

There are a fair proportion of parents working at universities, as staff, and as students. Ordinarily, we can juggle our way through the school holidays, because we don’t need to be in classes ourselves, either as teachers or students. That has long been one of the attractions of university work for me, particularly so because I am able to work a 50% job, which my boss and I have arranged in such a way that I work school hours, during term time. Child care problems solved, just like that.

Except for these school holidays. This time around, I have had to engage in a child care juggle, as well as losing the time that I usually spend with my children. I was talking to a colleague about this, but he was totally unsympathetic. “It’s a small price to pay,” he said.

Well, perhaps it’s a small price to pay, if you’re actually interested in bloody rugby. I most assuredly am not. However, I suggested to him that seeing as he regarded it as a small price, he might like to come and care for my children over the school holidays.

Funnily enough, he declined.

Fortunately for me, Greenhills University has an excellent school holiday care program, and I have been able to enrol the girls in it for some of the time. But that has cost me $297 so far.

My colleague wasn’t interested in paying that either.


11 comments on “A small price to pay

  1. azlemed says:

    the longer terms have been nasty for little kids too, mine were so tired, i can imagine its hard for students with kids too esp if they dont have the $$$ for childcare during the break,

  2. Raymond A Francis says:

    I think this can be sheeted home to Labour and dear old Mr Mallard
    Although a quick trip to Ireland by Miss Clark was said (at the time) to be the final touch that gave us the RWC
    Keep that in mind when you go to vote

  3. Raymond A Francis says:

    Or alternativly ask why are the universities and the schools are not kept instep regarding breaks and holidays
    I notce parliment always takes a break when the schools do

  4. Isabel says:

    Between the longer term and earthquake based disruption my kids were so hopelessly tired I kept them home for the last week of term.

  5. stargazer says:

    yeah, my younger one had to miss school for our recent overseas trip, because that was the better option (ie making the other one miss 2 weeks of lectures). not as much of an actual outlay as for you, but intensely annoying & unnecessary as far as i’m concerned. not a fan of rugby either.

    and mr francis, i don’t believe it was either of miss clark or mr mallard who decided to change the school terms. that just didn’t need to happen. let the people who want to watch the rugby pull their kids out of school.

  6. Denny says:

    What has rugby and school got to do with each other … I don’t get why the school holidays had to be adjusted. It doesn’t affect me, but this rugby thing is way out of proportion. It’s costing us money, directly and indirectly, convenience and will probably just fill up our streets, not to mention our hospitals, with more drunks. You’ve highlighted yet one more way in which the obsession of a few adversely affects the rest of us.
    “small price to pay”? … For what exactly are we paying a price? And why? What arrogance to suggest it’s a small price … And why should you be paying it?

  7. Stef says:

    Try being in auckland where they are asking schools to close on cup days. Annoying when you have a certain number of teaching placement days to get under your belt not to mention more childcare scrambles.

  8. Raymond A Francis says:

    Sorry stargazer but the decision was in 2007 by Labour education and Rugby World Cup minister Trevor Mallard …
    And I don’t think either decision was a good idea and my teacher wife thinks even less of it, upart from the rugby in her case

  9. M-H says:

    OMG – I’m glad I’m not there. What a load of codswallop – the whole country having to fall into line behind some boys game. Har-umph!

  10. Stephen says:

    ZOMG this gives me the shits. And you know, I don’t care if it was Trev’s idea, it still is a terrible one. And next time I see him, I’ll tell him.

  11. […] look, I understand the World Cup is causing problems. I get the inconvenience and added hardship for people (and especially, in that particular case, for children). And that sucks. It brought back […]

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