The wicked problem of welfare

I have an opinion piece in the Dominion Post this morning.

Welfare system should err on side of compassion

Designing an ideal welfare system is a difficult task – a “wicked” problem, in the latest management language. Wicked because it’s difficult to solve, and because it’s wicked, it ends up on the Government’s plate. In a democratic system, that means ultimately we are responsible for our system of social welfare.


6 comments on “The wicked problem of welfare

  1. Carol says:

    Lovely to see you gracing our morning paper! Is this going to be a regular thing?
    Great column too, thoroughly agreed.
    Oh, I do not like management-speak. Describing a problem as ‘a difficult task’ seems quite adequate to me; I can’t see that the term ‘wicked’ adds anything useful.

  2. Daleaway says:

    It is indeed splendid to see a younger female voice in the Dom to counterbalance their stable of harrumphing “male, pale and stale” columnists.
    Newspapers today like to rile their readers. They see mileage in it.
    Be sure to be controversial, or they will dump you. I know it will be a strain, but I have faith that you can manage it. (!)

  3. M-H says:

    Great analysis. You put it so clearly. And I loved the second comment – so insightful. Not. 🙂

  4. Raymond A Francis says:

    Good points , its the people at the bottom not just the deserving poor who need our help
    “Glad to pay her tax” love it but it just suggest you are not being paid enough

  5. Deborah says:

    Thank you, my lovely friends. Yes, I’m hoping to write more, and I think I will have the opportunity to do so, and yes, although I’m not setting out to be radical and provocative, I’m becoming aware that my views are perhaps a little more extreme than some.

  6. johnsonmike says:

    You’re only “extreme” to the demographic that sits all through their working day posting virulent comments on newspaper websites and Kiwiblog.

    To them, funded by their employers to vomit bile all day at the less-well off and the unemployed, you are very extreme indeed.

    Keep it up!

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