It’s snowing in Greenhills!

(Description: snow falling in a suburban backyard)

It has been snowing for over an hour now, enough to settle on plants and on the lawn. My potplants are shivering.

Snow on potplants

Snow on potplants

But the dwarf maple outside our front door looks very beautiful indeed.

Snow on maple tree

My busy bees are outside in the dusk, building a snowman. It is magical for them.

I’m making a big pot of soup for dinner.


5 comments on “Snow!

  1. M-H says:

    How beautiful! I am envious. It never actually snowed while I lived in Greenhills, although it threatened once: the night before my birthday, I think, so early June 1996.

  2. Carol says:

    Nice photos! Our garden (up in Brooklyn) looked much like this yesterday after a big snowfall around lunchtime, but then the sun came out and melted most of it. It’s snowing quite heavily now, but it’s all rather wet and turning straight to slush. So there hasn’t been enough for building much of a snowperson. A snowkitten, perhaps.

  3. violet says:

    it’s such a delightful novelty isn’t it!

  4. Good Gravey says:

    It is just so freaky. Here in Newlands (Wellington) I’ve been sinking far enough to cover my feet – the snow is so deep on our deck and back yard.

    Incredibly glad we are so privileged to have a safe and (relatively) warm home.

  5. what type of dwarf maple is that? I have been searching for a name, and picture. Found your picture but not a name. thanks

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