Friday Feminist – Cordelia Fine

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You have heard, no doubt, the saying that the personal is the political. Based on his own experiences within a marriage in which we struggle against convention to split things equally, my husband has developed his own, expanded version of this motto. As he would state it, “The school drop-off is the political, the staying home when the kids are sick is the political, the writing of the shopping list is the political, the buying of the birthday presents is the political, the arranging of the baby-sitter is the political, the packing of the lunch boxes is the political, the thinking about what to have for supper is the political, the remembering of the need to cut the children’s toenails is the political…”

Cordelia Fine (2010), Delusions of Gender, New York: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc., pp. 79 – 80.


2 comments on “Friday Feminist – Cordelia Fine

  1. Helen says:

    I’m just reading Delusions with intent to blog it. I love this woman and want to marry her and have a thousand of her babies, but alas, we’re both married and I’m post menopausal. Read “A mind of its own”, also. There are other people who have tilted bravely against the new Neuroessentialism – Rosalind Barnet and Caryl Rivers spring to mind – but Fine is so funny. A Mind of its Own was responsible for several embarrassing sudden splutters on public transport. I’ve told a teacher friend she MUST read Delusions after I’ve finished with it. This Neurononsense is becoming so influential in education!

    • Deborah says:

      After you mentioned somewhere that you were reading it, I had one of those duh moments when I realised that I could probably find it in the university library. I had it in my hot little hands about 10 minutes later. There’s a wealth of fascinating material in it. I’ll try to pull some more Friday Feminist quotes from it.

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