I don’t get it

Ordinarily, I’m not too concerned about how people furnish and decorate their own homes, with their own money, because, well, good taste is a matter of taste. Whatever floats your boat really, and if you happen to like displays of pixie houses, or artfully placed objets, then that’s your business. But one thing I have never, ever been able to get my head around is the in-home personal bar, complete with stools and nip measurers on the spirits bottles. Just don’t get it.

This one is a corker.

In-home bar


(Description: huge wooden bar, panelled, glasses hanging upside down, spirits bottles, bar stools in matching wood, large screen TV to the side)

Please, could someone tell me why?


16 comments on “I don’t get it

  1. Che Tibby says:

    because booze is the centre of these people’s lives. they are also probably alcoholics

    plus, they likely have more dollars than sense.

  2. Mindy says:

    A frustrated bartender?

  3. mimbles says:

    Confession: We have vague plans to put a bar in if/when we build the mythical extension* on our house. It would have homebrewed beer on tap (which we already have in a free standing “kegerator”), cocktail making paraphernalia and storage for a stupidly large collection of glasses. It would also be next to a billiards table (which is currently at my MIL’s place) and round the corner from the wine cellar (ok, cupboard under the stairs). HOWEVER! It would not look anything whatsoever like that monstrosity! And I’d much prefer some comfy lounges rather than bar stools.

    And our alcohol consumption is almost purely social apart from my husband’s one glass of beer with most but not all evening meals.

    As for why? I dunno, why the hell not?! We’d be putting in mini kitchen type space anyway and it’ll be ever so handy for parties 😀

    *This would be the nod to the need to balance dollars and sense 😛

    • Deborah says:

      I can imagine going with a drinks cabinet, and storage for glasses, and I’m especially impressed with the thought of home brewed beer on tap, and having it all beside a billiards table sound excellent. But as you say, the gargantuan edifice in the photo is just too much.

      When you put your extension in, can I come over to play?

    • mimbles says:

      I certainly hope so! 🙂

  4. vibenna says:

    I’m all in favour of hand pulled cask ale in the living room.

  5. Gae says:

    Our previous home was the only time we have lived in a ‘project home’, and it came with a bar in the living room. Imagine the shock and horror of the two (late) teens when I stuck two wide and one narrow Ikea bookshelves on the back wall of the ‘bar’ and declared my personal library well and truly open. The space under and behind the bar took another small set of shelves, and the bar surface was a handy telephone area, with plenty of space for notepads and pencils (in theory, at least, don’t forget the two aforementioned teens)
    Not at all against the Demon Drink, but not inclined to give it so much importance.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  6. Che Tibby says:

    actually, doing a double take, that cabinetry looks more like a tardis than a functional bar.

    or, someone got one too many father’s day power tools and the output leeched into the house.

  7. Megan says:

    Unfulfilled adolescent fantasies of owning a bar, and being all Sam Malone?

  8. Mindy says:

    A Tardis bar/library! Now that would be worth floor space.

  9. Daleaway says:

    In our previous (rather large) house, we removed the bar in the top floor sitting room, and left the one in the billiards room. Yep, two bars. The one we took out had apricot mirror glass and formica cupboards. And chandelier wall lights.
    We used the surviving alcove bar, about 2m x 2m, to serve drinks at our infrequent snooker parties, but mostly did what Gae did and converted it into a mini-office, as the back wall shelving was already in place.
    I confess to papering over its authentic 1950s wallpapers – fake bricks on two walls and a jaunty yachting scene on the third. If I want irony as part of my furnishings, I’ll write it myself.

  10. Mittenz says:

    If you have a bar that small, all your friends try to get in there with you, because everyone wants to play bartender. You need a decent sized kitchen that you can fit a bunch of people in, that has a counter at the right height where it joins onto the lounge or main entertaining area. And then you don’t have to have multiple food prep areas in your house.

    • Mittenz says:

      Come to think of it, I should check up on all my friends that always wanted to play bartender at our parties, and see if they have full bars in their houses 😉

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