Who chose that picture?

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The NZ Herald is running a story about women dieting and ruining their future chances of having babies. So much to unpack in it, but I’m short of time this morning. Instead of any in-depth analysis, take a look at the picture the subbies chose to run with the story.

I think that’s a picture of a pregnant woman. Disembodied of course, because we wouldn’t want to focus on actual women when we’re busy policing bodies. But I just can’t get my head around the picture at all. Is she supposed to be dieting? Or not? She can’t be illustrating the point of the story i.e. that women who diet too hard can’t get pregnant, because actually, she is pregnant.

Predictably, there’s nothing in the story about the pressures that ensure that women feel they must diet and stay skinny. It’s all the fault of the individual women, of course.



4 comments on “Who chose that picture?

  1. Carol says:

    I completely agree about the picture. Very odd.
    As for the story itself, I see what you mean about the ‘policing bodies’ aspect, but I think if there is important scientifically-based information to convey about a link between low weight and fertility then it should be conveyed. It would be a shame if people had their range of choices reduced because they simply were unaware of any link. Information is a good thing.

  2. Tamara says:

    Clearly a machine chose that image! Diet reference – check. Pregnancy reference – check.

    In terms of the article, I do think it addresses the pressure to be thin. The statement from Charles Fishman includes: “but he believed the pressure to achieve perfection – spoon-fed to teens by the media – could lead to eating disorders.”

  3. donnasoowho says:

    I saw an article the other day about some workplace environments being harmful to unborn child – there was a picture of a woman standing by a photocopier… which would suggest that they’re talking about office environment (ie. lots of people!) but in fact when you read the article it was talking about certain sorts of chemicals which I assume are specific to certain jobs (ie. not an office environment).

  4. A great deal of their subbing has been outsourced – you’ve got junior journos with f**k all training writing headlines and choosing pics.

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