Keep off the grass

Seen by Mr Bee on a sign at the Last Emperor’s Palace in China:

“Don’t be a meadow stomper.”

I like that very much. Grass is just… grass. But a meadow is something beautiful, with a medley of plants and small creatures. “Meadow” makes me think of butterflies and tiny flowers and wild-grown thyme and life. I would never want to stomp all over a meadow.

I would however like to walk through it, and I suppose that if a thousand people did exactly the same thing, it would become a drudge of mud. The sign appeals to my better nature, to the sense of wanting to keep the meadow untrod, so that it continues to grow and flourish.

Whereas this sign, which I saw at the Inner Temple in London a few months ago?

Please keep off the grass

Even the amerliorating “please” didn’t help. I really, really, wanted to walk on that grass.


One comment on “Keep off the grass

  1. Pauline says:

    I went to a Henry Moore exhibition once with lots of “please don’t touch the sculptures” signs – inclusig the outtdoor ones. Guess what I did?

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