Laws of nature

1. When you set up a workspace on the dining table, computer turned on, papers sitting ready, and go away to get a cup of coffee, the cat will occupy your chair.


(Description: dark tortie cat, sitting on dining chair, exactly where the laptop and work papers are set up.)

2. When the house alarm starts beeping in a shrill high-pitched tone at 6am, and won’t stop, dragging you and your children out of bed early, when you really needed an extra hour or so of sleep, and you wait until business hours to call the alarm company, because you don’t have a manual on hand and you can’t find one on the internet, then as soon as you have made the call and arranged for a technician to visit, the alarm will stop beeping.

2a. This will happen when your partner is away.


4 comments on “Laws of nature

  1. Mindy says:

    The fire alarm will go off in the middle of the night when your partner is away. You will leap out of bed and quickly make sure that there is a) no fire and b) no one setting off the fire alarm to get you out from behind the locked door that you have locked because your partner is away (ignoring that the kids can pop the lock at will if they want to). When you call the local fire station at a decent hour the next morning they will tell you that sometimes dust or perhaps a small spider can create a connection between the sensors in the fire alarm and suggest that you vacuum it. 0_o

  2. donnasoowho says:

    I’ve solved your first problem – don’t have a cat (says she working from the desk that is my dining room table… also occupied by a sewing machine….). I have also noticed that alarms stop going by themselves eventually if you happen to accidentally set it off on purpose…

  3. Mr Bee says:

    I know about those extra hours of sleep. Large constructions sites over the road starting early can be a problem too.

  4. Jan says:

    I can combine the elements of your story. When I was living with son, DIL and their small Abyssinian cat, I was alone in the house for a few days. Alarm went off in early hours of the morning, as they seem to do. Must be related to babies! LOL.

    I got up, satisfied myself that there was no real cause for alarm and went back to bed to try to sleep. Little Sweetpea, the Abyssinian, waited until I had just managed to doze a bit and decided to play rescue cat. She jumped on pillow and started to comb my hair with her claws to wake me up.

    Another son fixed alarm next day for me. Emailed son about Sweetpea the rescue cat. They were very amused.

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