Signal boost: Kaapua Smith’s blog

Blogging from Kaapua Smith, who is in the second place on the Maori Party list.

Her post, Welfare reform: what I learned as a single mum, is a must-read with respect to the National party’s welfare reform.

I wrote a few days ago about Dr Jackie Blue, and talked about the importance of having people who can tell it like it really is in our parliament. I hope that Kaapua Smith is elected: we need voices like hers.

H/T Morgan Godfrey


2 comments on “Signal boost: Kaapua Smith’s blog

  1. Gary says:

    Finally. Something new, something fresh, someone young enough to remember her Rangatahi days. Single mothers need heroes too. All the best . You could make that old grey building a lot more interesting or perhaps pink @PoliticallyBlonde

  2. M-H says:

    I heard this morning (being a bit out of touch) that’s there’s a referendum on returning to FPP. Surely not!?! Is it likely to get through?

    It turns out we will be in NZ for the election, which will be weird.

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