The 42nd Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at Pondering Postfeminism. Lots of good reading for your Sunday morning.

And I’ll be hosting the next one in early December! So when you have read the 42nd carnival, send me some links for the next one. Carnival co-ordinator Chally is keen for us to work on highlighting work from new and not-so-prolific down under feminist bloggers, which I thin is a great thing to do. So even if you’ve just started out in this blogging game, or *especially* if you have just started out, send me some links to your work, either through the carnival submission form – Down Under Feminists Carnival submission form – or if the form won’t work for you, then send them directly to my hotmail address, where I use dfr141 as my handle. Any feminist post (broadly interpreted) by any down under writer (broadly interpreted) is eligible for the carnival. Per the carnival rules, I’ll be limiting selections to two post per blogger, and yes, that does mean two per person, not two per blog, for group blogs.


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