Quote of the evening

The minor parties in the 2011 election were treated to a televised leaders debate last night, in which five of the six leaders looked, well, leaderly, and the sixth said this:

“He’s assured me that we’re going into this election together and that I’m the leader.”


That was Dr Don Brash, on why he’s leader of the Act party. It’s because John Banks lets him be leader.

Also, Peter Dunne’s hair made an appearance, in its usual upswept plastic fashion. I’ve met Mr Dunne in person a few times, and in real life, his hair looks just fine. Yet it looks really really really bad on TV. A great New Zealand mystery.


One comment on “Quote of the evening

  1. Carol says:

    I’m less bothered by Peter Dunne’s hair than I am by his rather shallow and populist views.
    Wasn’t Brash awful? He just seemed completely out of touch.

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