I have voted

In 2008, I voted in the New Zealand general election.

In 2009, I voted in the South Australian state election.

In 2010, I voted in the Australian Federal election.

Today, in 2011, I have voted in the New Zealand general election.

I have voted

(Description: Sticker, with “Yes I’ve voted”, and in small print, “Issued by the New Zealand Electoral Commission.”)

As is our family custom, the girls and I walked to our nearest polling place. Mr Bee is out of the country, so he voted earlier this week. I was greeted at the door of the polling place, and directed to the people looking after the roll for the Palmerston North seat. They found my name on the electoral roll, crossed me off, and handed my papers to me, and in the quiet of the polling booth, I made by choices. I had long ago worked out my choices with respect to the electorate vote and the referendum on the electoral system, but my party vote only firmed up about four weeks ago. And then I put my votes into the ballot boxes. At the door, the person who greeted me gave me my “Yes I’ve voted” sticker, which I am proud to wear.

It is so easy to vote in this country.

As we walked home, my girls quizzed me about my vote and my reasons. We’ll be sitting up and watching the results come in this evening, and thoroughly enjoying our triennial festival of democracy.

I’ve turned comment moderation on for this post, given the Electoral Commission rules about making political statements on polling day. Not that I expect that there will be a flood of comments, but thems the rules.


One comment on “I have voted

  1. M-H says:

    It was odd being back here for an election, the issues of which were a mystery to me, as were the policies of most of the parties. We started watching the coverage about 8pm, and nothing much changed until we went to sleep around 10. I did not enjoy seeing Winston on my screen, gloating.

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