Reminder – submit some posts for DUFC

I’m hosting the December Down Under Feminists Carnival here. I’m hoping to get it up by Sunday 4 December, so I would be very much obliged if you would submit some posts before then. Any feminist post, broadly interpreted, by any down under blogger, also broadly interpreted, is eligible for the carnival.

The carnival submission form seems to have gotten out of sorts again, so it’s probably best to send submissions direct to me at my hotmail account. I use the handle dfr141. Or you could leave submissions in comments on this post. One link per comment would be good, or WordPress’s spaminator might devour it.

I’m especially keen to highlight posts by new bloggers, or by bloggers who haven’t been in the carnival previously. But I’m keen to hear from established bloggers too. I’m going to have a limit of two posts per blogger, so that the carnival remains manageable.

Many thanks to Bec and Chally for the links they have sent me already.


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