Thought for the day

Ms Thirteen calls herself a feminist.

She is the third generation in my family to be feminist.

My mother, me, my elder daughter, and in time my younger daughters, if and when they are ready to call themselves feminists.



5 comments on “Thought for the day

  1. johnsonmike says:

    How about the men in the family?

    Men can be femists too.

    Just as women are not necessarily so.

  2. Deborah says:

    Indeed. I tend not to use the word in respect of people who have not claimed it for themselves, and to my knowledge, none of the men in my family use it. You will notice that I differentiated carefully between my elder daughter, and my younger daughters, who have not yet claimed the word, and may choose not to do so. I don’t have any sons, so the question about sons being feminist one day is moot.

  3. hungrymama says:

    Last night Mr 10 asked me what a feminist was. I explained that it was someone who believed that women and men have equal rights and that where they don’t something should be done to redress that balance. he looked at me and said “well, I’m definitely one of those then”.

  4. Ms Thirteen says:

    I thought that now I am thirteen, I am able to call myself a feminist. Previously, I identified as someone with feminist views (which is different from a feminist), simply because I still identified as a child, and I think that political identities are not to be taken lightly. Now that I am older, I think that I have the maturity now (well, other people thinking I am mature enough to know my own opinion) to be able to identify strongly as a feminist and knowing that that view isn’t likely to change.

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