More TV

I was invited to appear on Media7 this week, as part of a panel discussing misogyny on the internet.

Media7 – “This week Media7 examines cyber abuse and the disturbing trend of misogynistic attacks on women in the media.”

World famous in New Zealand, or at least in Greenhills, where a couple of people at places I go to regularly (like, the supermarket – exciting, huh) have stopped to talk to me about it. I was happier with the way that this discussion went, except that my pearls clattered against the microphone, so I had to take them off and wear them around my wrist instead. There goes my badge of middle class respectability. As ever, I thought I things I could have said, or things I might have qualified, or said better, after the fact. Oh well.

Many thanks for the invitation, Media7.


3 comments on “More TV

  1. merc says:

    Hehe as you know I commented on the other thread, I’d just like to add here that it was a great show and well balanced, the humour (with the serious) was great from all.

  2. Hmm evertime I turn on the TV there you are, not quite true as I had to follow a link to see the first effort but this one was out of the blue
    Interesting to see someone who thoughts I have followed via Blogs
    You did well (again)

  3. david winter says:

    Well done on both of your star turns. As I’m sure you know, the things you think were distracting or not-quite-right were entirely unnoticeable to the rest of us 🙂

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