A meh year

2011 has not been a bad year. When I look back at what we, and I, have done this year, it wasn’t too bad at all, and I even achieved a couple of my long and secretly held ambitions. That would be having some feminist writing published and doing a bit of broadcasting work as a feminist / political theorist, otherwise described as being a feminist in public, and singing with a good choir that does challenging work. I’m hoping to build on the first steps I have taken in these two areas in the coming year.

Plus we have returned home to New Zealand, and my heart still sings for joy when I hear a tui or see the particular green of the bush here, and we have started new jobs and found a reasonable degree of success in these early days. And I have found new friendships, and renewed some old ones. Our daughters have settled in well, and they are flourishing. Things are good for us at work and at school and at home.

Still, the total of the year feels like less than the sum of its parts. I think that this is because there is a degree of turmoil in my family at present, ‘though not in my very immediate family, and much more widely than that, like most New Zealanders, I remain so concerned for people in Christchurch, especially given the on-going shaking in this last week of the year. As we head into 2012, so much is so uncertain.


2012 will be a better year.


6 comments on “A meh year

  1. Mindy says:

    Wishing you and your family all the best for the coming year. I have been enjoying your successes vicariously, thank you.

  2. macondo mama says:

    Another ditto here. Happy happy new year – wishing you the very best!

  3. Stephen Judd says:

    A meh year — yep, that about sums it up for me too. May we all have a 2012 that justifies our optimism.

  4. Che Tibby says:

    ditto. last year was a tough one.

    but happy new year to you, your successor, and the strangelings.

  5. Amanda says:

    Happy new year, Deborah! 2011 was a peculiar year for me and I’m glad it’s over. 2012 will be better for us all- I decree it so;)

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