Intergenerational tarts

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My mother made the fruit mince, I made the shortcrust pastry, and Ms Thirteen and I cut out the rounds and pressed them gently into mini-muffin pans and filled them with the mince and cut out the stars and put them on top and baked them.


(Description: six small Christmas mince tarts, with star toppings, dusted with icing sugar)

They were delicious.

As my daughters have gotten older, I have had so much joy passing on the knowledge that came to me from my mother. I anticipated many of the joys of parenting, but not this particular one, the deep sense of connection with my mother, and through her, my grandmother. I think that my mother loves seeing my daughters learning and growing, and especially, learning at second remove from her.


4 comments on “Intergenerational tarts

  1. Annanonymous says:

    I have an alarming weakness for mince tarts.

  2. homepaddock says:

    It’s 11 years since my mother died. Using recipes she passed on helps keep her close in my memory still and like you I love passing them on to the next generation.

  3. Daleaway says:

    Make them each a heritage cookbook. Write down the family’s favourite recipes and bind them into cookbooks your daughters can use when they have homes of their own. Meaningful legacy!

  4. Raymond A Francis says:

    That is really special, especially the connection back through the food of the family
    Something that may be special for you in the future is your children teaching you
    In my case working with my son in his winery, something I had very little knowledge about but he did.
    A special time

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