The powers of rice

You may recall that a few months ago I dropped my mobile phone in a thermal pool in Taupo. I dried various drying techniques, but alas, it was thoroughly fried. Even the much-vaunted rice technique didn’t work. Perhaps it was the combination of the length of time it was in the pool (about 30 minutes), and the chemicals in the water

But this time around, the rice technique did work. Yes, I dropped my phone again, this time in the gutter outside our house. I had it turned off and pulled apart and dried within minutes, and into a jar of rice. I left it there for about 40 hours, and then very nervously dusted it off and turned it on. It worked!

Perhaps it would have been fine anyway. Even so, should you drop your phone in water, I recommend the rice technique.


3 comments on “The powers of rice

  1. Jan says:

    DIL has just done this for my grandson’s iPod. It was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. Length of its dive was uncertain. She left it for two weeks and it now works.

    Reminds me of oldfashioned practice of rice in the salt shaker.

    We were hosting a week in the bush for computer nerds and computers were in the back of a truck in boxes. Thunderstorm deluge. My teenage son opened boxes, opened and drained computers and left them open exposed to the air for a couple of days. They all booted up first go.

  2. Mindy says:

    Reminds me, must email you re the attractions of Taupo and Wellington…

  3. David Winter says:


    Your ex-mobile may just have been un-revivable, but one trick is try and wash off the extra chemicals that the pool water (or glass of red wine in my case…) might have contained. You can use the purest water you can find, or better yet pure alcohol, and hopefully you will prevent the pool water from drying as a nice gunge to short-out the connections.

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