Cultural cringe

Hmmm…. 8 out of 10 on the Guardian’s British history quiz. I was wrong on the date for the union of Scotland and England, and out by quite a few decades on the Peasants’ Revolt. But 8 out of 10 was enough to earn a culturally cringing “Excellent.” With no lucky guesses, BTW.

Off you go and try it out.

British history quiz at The Guardian

Except for Nick, who I am very nearly certain will get a better score than me. And Emma. Also Megan, on the same grounds. But not Mr Bee….


10 comments on “Cultural cringe

  1. Annanonymous says:

    A while ago, I read a Guardian review of a new book on British history, which was basically arguing for the horribleness of the colonial project. The review was less interesting than the discussion that followed. There were the usual suspects arguing that Britain needs to stop apologising from bringing the light of civilisation to the world; some who wholeheartedly supported the book’s intention; and a larger group who felt that Britain had actually stopped romanticising its history some time ago, making the book redundant. Maybe the colonies still perceive Britain in a way that’s now a bit outmoded in the mother country itself? Must find the review …

  2. Mr Bee says:

    I tried it out, and it said to me. “You scored 9 out of a possible 10. Excellent”

    I’d just like to say that some “Excellents” are more equal than others.


  3. mimbles says:

    We combined forces and managed 9 out of 10 between us. I attribute any dates I did know to having read “1066 and All That” multiple times as a child, Adam on the other hand just accumulates facts without apparently trying.

  4. stargazer says:

    whoa, i got 10 out of 10. took some guesses – don’t know anything about the union of scotland & england for example. this is bizarre, i don’t have any kind of ties to britain other than identifying with 2 countries that were colonised by the british. i guess it’s a sign of how much british history is part of our popular culture, & probably some of it is a result of doing 5th & 7th form history at high school. both years included a healthy dose of british (& nz) history.

  5. homepaddock says:

    Blush – got a “not too shabby” for 4/10 which I thought was very shabby.
    School history helped with Treaty of Versailles and we were in Spain, living near the Cape of Trafalgar in its 200th anniversary year.

  6. Tony says:

    Got 6/10 and a “not too shabby” as well.

  7. donnasoowho says:

    I got 7/10 and embarressingly got the date of the Treaty of Versailles signing wrong which is one that I would have thought I would know. On the other hand I did guesstimate a couple of other ones so I guess it evens out in the wash. Ahhh history days are so long ago. I’m sure that space in my brain has been refomatted and filled up with lyrics to Small Potato songs…

  8. Raymond A Francis says:

    Unbelievable 10.
    Ok studied UK history in the 5 form and have been watching an interesting set of programs on Scotish history on SBS Free (to air if you know how to set your box)
    But I think I would have got only 2 if I had a blank piece of paper

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