Lurid. I think that “lurid” is the most appropriate adjective to use for the beanie I have crocheted for Miss Ten the elder.

Pink, blue, green, orange, and purple beanie.

(Description: multi coloured beanie, with crocheted flower on the brim, on a dark blue background)

She chose the wool. Her father thinks that the mix of colours might best be described as fairy vomit.

Miss Ten the elder is fond of shrieking colours. Here is the same beanie, on the subtly pink and orange bedspread that she chose for herself.

Multicoloured beanie on pink and orange bedspread

You go for it, girl!

In other craft news, I have a beautiful blue scarf, in garter stitch, made for me by Miss Ten the younger. It is the very first thing she ever knitted, and it is very precious to me.

Blue scarf

(Description: small garter stitch scarf, in blue, with somewhat uneven rows and the occasional hole)

I have also crocheted a beanie for myself, and I have wool to make beanies for my other daughters. Plus I am knitting a square neck cardigan for Ms Thirteen. However, given my somewhat slow rate of knitting, I have suggested to her that she shouldn’t plan on having it in her wardrobe this winter.

For another gorgeous scarf, go take a look at what Megan has been doing: Fifty hours, 1400 rows, 1kg of yarn and a pretty munted wrist.


5 comments on “Lurid

  1. Denny says:

    I think the colours of the beanie are lovely…. your daughter has excellent taste. My beanie is a much brighter, very bright pink.

  2. M-H says:

    I love the beanie. Fairy vomit is good. Clown barf may be another apposite phrase. 🙂 And I felt quite sniffly at the sight of that blue scarf. Awwww…

  3. stitchcrazy says:

    LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE that scarf!!!!!! I can’t wait until my kids get old enough to knit…although my four year old son does finger knit. The beanie is beautiful…she has good taste. Color make me happy!

  4. violet says:

    One great thing about being a kid is that you can wear lurid, clashing colours and still look enormously cute.
    my philosophy with knitting is that, if I really want or need something soon then I should just buy it. Otherwise I’d just get sick of waiting to finish making it myself!

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