More on private schools

In a follow-up to yesterday’s piece in the Dom, I was interviewed on National Radio this morning, about state funding of private schools. Here’s the audio of the interview.

If you can’t get this audio format to play, then if you go to the Radio NZ website, you should be able to select a file which works better for you.

Radio NZ Nine to Noon listing for Friday 13 June

Goodness. World famous in New Zealand.


One comment on “More on private schools

  1. Paul says:

    Well done that woman !! I especially enjoyed your very last point… it was well hammered home.

    I think that the NZ government are missing a great opportunity. They should let the private schools fall over then pick up the facilities and the staff at fire sale prices !!

    But seriously your performance was great and i think that each tack taken by the “other” Deborah was quickly and effectively blocked. Good on you.

    Paul was educated in an integrated school.

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