This isn’t really news: doctors like controlling women too

From New Zealand Doctor’s twitter feed:

NZ Doctor tweet

H/T:@pictorialjack The organisation is New Zealand Doctor, and the twitter feed is NZDoctor_news.

The tweet reads: NZMA “strongly supports” policy enabling women on benefit & female dependents of beneficiaries to get financial assistance re contraception.”

Except… it’s not financial assistance for contraception in general. It’s long term contraception only, whether it’s suitable for the woman or not, and it’s part of a policy designed to control the fertility of a particular group of women in our society.

Check out my previous post for the details on this horrid policy: Making those slappers cross their legs. The effect of the policy is to control what women may or may not do with their bodies. More than that, given that over 50% of people receiving the DPB have brown skins, it’s hard not to read this policy as one of stopping all those poor people, and all those brown people, and especially those poor brown people, from breeding.

And the NZMA is supporting it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


2 comments on “This isn’t really news: doctors like controlling women too

  1. giovanni says:

    I would imagine that the NZMA also supports the prospect of public funds for the procedure flowing into the pockets of its members.

  2. southernrata says:

    I was appalled at that. I was waiting for the “and all other women who might wish for such access” but it didn’t come. It didn’t sound like the excellent doctors and trainee doctors I remember working with.

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