Contraceptives for beneficiaries: links roundup

A round-up of the posts about the government’s plan to pay for some contraception for beneficiaries.

Morgan Godfery at Maui Street: Controlling Maori reproduction

Tallulah at The Lady Garden: The War on Women hits New Zealand

Tactical Ninja: In which the government makes me feel slightly ill

The Little Pakeha: Nat’s move to eugenics

Maia at The Hand Mirror: Problem solved

Danyl at The Dim-Post: Talkback bait

Peter Cresswell at Not PC: Is this state control of reproduction?

Anne Russell at Scoop: The War on Women, NZ edition: Beneficiaries & Contraception*

And three posts from me, writing here:

Making those slappers cross their legs

This isn’t really news: doctors like controlling women too

“Free” contraception: disingenuous or just plain nasty?

Feel free to add more in comments, and I will update the list.


* Why yes! Anne *is* related to me.


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