Straight white men have lost power – rightly so

“Straight white men have lost power – rightly so”

That’s the subbing on a column I have in the dead tree edition of The Dominion Post this morning. The on-line subbing is not quite so… forthright.

Parliament needs diversity to rule fairly

They are right. Life is getting harder for straight white men. Instead of automatically being regarded as the right people to hold power, they have to make room for people who have traditionally been disregarded and excluded. Because the number of seats in Parliament is limited, if more of those seats are held by women and Maori, and people from other minority groups, then fewer are held by straight white men. Now they know they will only hold 60 per cent or so of the seats. They really have lost power.


2 comments on “Straight white men have lost power – rightly so

  1. What is really tedious is when they start whining about it, and saying how they are so badly discriminated against and they need legislation to be put in place to reverse this terrible situation aka restore the previous status quo.

  2. Good Gravey says:

    I also love it how my fellow straight white men complain about how they are so terribly hated for being who they are.

    1: And yet they still don’t realise the true importance of that comment – being hated for who you are. Something the rest of the world has faced forever.

    2: As a straight white male, I have never felt hated for being a straight white male. And can’t help but feel that any hatred directed towards them is for reasons other than their race, orientation or gender. Perhaps for their actions (or lack thereof).

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