Winter lunch

Pumpkin Soup

Hot homemade pumpkin soup and toast. Just the thing for a cold winter day.

I am not usually at home on weekdays, but winter colds and chills have made their appearance, and I seem to have spent more time at home with sick children than in my office of late. Fortunately, academic work is very portable, and the dining table is a good substitute for my desk at work.

Miss Ten, who is ill, declined soup, and given that she is feeling poorly, I didn’t insist.


3 comments on “Winter lunch

  1. yum… winter or not, pumpkin soup is great. looks fantastic! come check out our food/lifestyle blog –

  2. Chally says:

    I love pumpkin soup.

  3. Mindy says:

    Looks lovely. Hope Miss 10 is feeling better soon. Feeling miserable when the weather is miserable is just doubly unpleasant.

    Your chocolate cake went down a treat. I knew it must be good when on the first piece mention was made of making it again. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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