General fail

Miss Eleven the Younger was not feeling very well today, so she came to work with me. Usually I would just have worked at home for the day, but I had to give a lecture today, and Mr Bee had a couple of meetings. She sat very quietly through the lecture, playing Minecraft on my iPad, which alas, was evidently far more entertaining than my lecture for the students sitting behind her. And she practiced cartooning, using the stamps she got for her birthday to add words. All in full view of quite a few students.

These stamps.

Tasteful and discreet stamps

(Description: page of stamps, saying *lol*, Love It, OMG, oh deer..! (sic), Fuck Off)

Oh deer indeed. Fail #1.

I had also managed to leave my lecture notes at home. I had all the slides ready, and I was very confident about what I wanted to say, but even so, it was a challenge. However, it all seemed to go well enough, and when I got home and reviewed the notes, it turned out that there was nothing I omitted. Fail #2.

Stuff… happens.


4 comments on “General fail

  1. azlemed says:

    I was home all day, she would have been welcome here 🙂 am happy to help if you want.

  2. Sandra says:

    Love it. But it is a success as well, because somehow you all got through the day including attending the things that felt least cancellable.

  3. jan says:

    Oh that made me laugh!

  4. Denny says:

    Amusing! I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing!

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