Abortion is a woman’s moral choice, not a crime

I have another column in the Dom Post today, and this time, I’ve written about abortion.

Abortion is a woman’s moral choice, not a crime

Why the level of surveillance? It’s because we don’t trust women to make decisions for themselves. Abortion has been treated as a matter of morality, but instead of allowing the people concerned to make moral decisions, we have insisted that they get opinions from other people first. …

When we deny women the right to make decisions about abortion for themselves, then we deny women’s autonomy. We say that women are not capable of making moral judgments, and that they are not autonomous adults.


5 comments on “Abortion is a woman’s moral choice, not a crime

  1. azlemed says:

    Well written piece. Reminder to self never read the comments section

  2. alison says:

    Thanks for your column Deborah. I have one on abortion this week (well, last week) in the BOP Times. Nice to have some company…

    • Deborah says:

      It was a great column, Alison. I saw it on ALRANZ’s Facebook page, and I’m planning to link to it, somehow, in our weekly round-up at The Lady Garden. And yes, very nice to have some company.

  3. violet says:

    I found it interesting and sad that the only letters to the editor in today’s paper which refer to the piece, are negative about it and put the foetus’ rights before that of a grown woman in whom society has already invested a ton of education and upbringing.

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